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Tooth Pain?

Active Sitting Techniques to stop pain


Diaphragm Evaluation Video



Uneven Hips Causing Back Pain?


How to Stop a Muscle Cramp in Your Calf




Lymph Pumping Exercises



Reducing Swelling and Bruising after Knee Surgery


Thanksgiving Blog Post (Click above) 

Low Back Pain Mechanics


Our Trip to New Zealand & Rarotonga

Normal Range of Motion of Your Neck

Ankle exercises

Knee Exercises for Arthritic Knees


To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day -Watch our Trip to Ireland. 10 days condensed to 8 minutes!


Watch the following videos for helpful hints and self care.

Sleep & Pain




Shoulder Exercise



Calf Stretch Using a Foam Roller

Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Antalpoe Canyon and the Hoover Dam

Passive & Active Stretching with a Foam Roller

Brain Food


Pec Stretches

Back Spasm Relief


Sinus Headache Relief

Healthy Blood Flow

Posture Exercises for Back & Neck Pain


Mid-Back Pain Relief

Correct Lifting Techniques

Exercises for the Plane or Car


Sciatica Relief



Good Posture for Sleep


Blood Flow Comparison

Good Exercise Habits


Hamstring Stretch II




Neck Pain Exercise (Chin Tuck)



Hamstring Stretch - 3 keys to correct techniques

Hamstring Injury Postural Evaluation


Knee Pain Trick and exercise if you sitting to long

Stretch for Your Low Back


TMJ Range of Motion Test


General Nervous System Balancing for Stress





Core exercise for posture, upper back pain, neck pain, and headaches

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