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Pain can stop you from doing the things you love. Many times you do not know why your pain started or how to get rid of it. When you don't understand your body's pain signals you can imagine the worst!

Soar Point Institute specialize in eliminating your pain with virtual or in person appointments.  Starting with the evaluation you will learn why you hurt and how to get rid of your pain. With education, manual therapy and a little self-responsibility you can live a pain-free, functional life.


Are you looking for solutions to help stop your pain?  Have you tried other professionals or techniques without success? Is your pain new or have you had it for months or even years?  Just know there is always a solution to your pain!

Here is how we can help.

Jack understands your musculoskeletal pain issues. 

With Nearly 3 decades as a manual therapist and thousands of patients helped, Jack will be able to help you.

My philosophy is to empower you to help your body heal and relieve your pain through education, manual therapy, and self responsibility!

1. Start with an Evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. 

2. A Virtual or In-Person Appointment to get you relief.

3. Finally, simple solutions to keep your pain from returning.


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Lets discuss your unique situation and find a solution that works best for you and your lifestyle.


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Currently I am living in New Zealand. I will be available for virtual Tele Health sessions and will be teaching courses online to help you around the world.

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